Experience as Instructor

Experimental Economics (Econ5010) 

Managerial Economics (Econ3010)

Econometrics (Econ4330)

Principles of Microeconomics (Econ1020)

Experience as Teaching Assistant

Microeconomic Theory II (Econ8110, PhD level)

Some student comments: 

"Zeeshan really went the extra mile for this course. He put in a lot of effort to address any questions we had and helping us understand particularly tricky concepts."

"Zeeshan really carried the course. He spent a lot of time fixing the professors lecture notes, clearing up things she had said incorrectly, and generally making the course clearer. His review sessions were very helpful and he was honest when he didn't know something. He was also asked, frequently, to give the lecture, and those were honestly some of the most useful days in the class."

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Econ3010)

Some student comments: 

"Zeeshan was an amazing TA! He was always very willing to help and always at office hours. Was always willing to go back and teach me something as well as allowed me to participate in the interaction. Overall, excellent TA"

"Zeeshan is the most attentive and available TA I've ever had. He was always very prompt to respond via email about homework questions or questions leading up to the test, and I found him very helpful and accommodating during the review sessions before exams. Zeeshan always cared about the students and always took the time to answer all the questions he could. He was also very quick at grading papers, which was especially helpful if the homework was due only a short time before the exam and was helpful to study."

"Zeeshaun was extremely efficient, and lead every class before an exam date. He took this responsibility in stride and often received praise for his efforts in the class."

Strategic Analysis (Econ2160)

Some student comments: 

"A godsend in such a tumultuous class"

"This was my favorite teaching assistant so far at Vanderbilt. Zeeshan is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and flexible in helping students. I felt that I learned more when he taught class than when our regular professor did. Very reasonable and fair grader as well."

"Probably the only reason I did not drop the course. Zeeshan essentially held the class together."

"Zeeshan was the only hope for this course. I wish he had been the one teaching the class; I would have learned a lot more and made much better grades. He was always willing to help us, and he was present in the class everyday, doing things for the professor, and even teaching when she didn't come. Best TA I've ever had. Very clear and helpful"